Saturday, December 1, 2012

So Inspired!

It is certainly crunch time right now, but last Thursday there was an event I was so drawn to that I left the books that evening and attended that instead.

During these past few months I've had two instructors who have been incredibly influential in my mindset towards this program: my History and Philosophy professor - Dr.Anthony Godfrey, and my Health Psychology TA - Dr.Jodi Larry

In particular, the few lectures I've been privileged to have by Dr. Godfrey has opened my eyes towards higher consciousness and one's spirituality. Also, being a student in Dr. Larry's Psychology practical, she has shared many skills that she has learned through her personal experiences, of which I probably would not learn until much later in the game by encountering similar experiences myself. Another valuable thing I've learned from both of them is shifting my outlook on things - there's so much beneath the surface, and if we approach people from a judgmental stance, we're not going to see anything below the tip of the iceberg.

A personal endeavour I've taken on is to learn more about spirituality and how to become more aware of my own because I've seen that when people are connected with themselves and the Universe, their outlook, mindset, and perceptions of stressors are completely different from those who are less spiritually aware. Life aligns for them. A way I've chosen to fulfill that endeavour is to join a group with other spiritually-minded individuals, which will expose me to this realm by seeing what other people have learned, and are learning. So, last week, the group held a panel about Spirituality and Life, which felt like the perfect starting point for me.

I have so much I want to say about the panel itself, but overall, I've been noticing origins in shifting the way I think. Overall, I've been thinking more along the lines of us being here to help one another, rather than approaching life in a cut-throat, me-me-me manner that was quite adaptive for go-getters in undergrad. I'm also starting to look at the problematic relationships in my life - relationships that I do not want to end. Rather than looking at it strictly from an angle directed at me where I feel victimized and as though I'm not being treated fairly, I'm starting to think about the other person - what might be their reasons for how they're treating me, and they may not even be aware that they're projecting things onto me when I'm not actually the problem. At times, the way I'm treated can't nor should be justified, but it also reminds me that I need to grow a thicker skin, learn to develop/strengthen my spiritual boundaries, and continue to be aware that the situation is not always about me.

I'm so incredibly pleased that I attended the panel, as there is quite a lot that I am starting to think about. Don't worry, I'm not going to be selfish - I'm going to share later for sure ;) However, part of the responsibility of being a student in gaining access to so much great information is being trusted to learn it. Although I'm growing personally, I need to catch up on my school work so I have the textbook knowledge to help me do my job correctly and effectively! I am behind, but the thoughts and ideas revealed to me in the panel helped me to realize that this experience is a lesson within itself, and I can do it! So, I'm going to use my remaining time in a wise manner, and get back to studying!

To those of you out there studying for finals and completing those last remaining assignments, all the best to you! Truck on through, you'll feel awesome once you're done!


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