Thursday, June 13, 2013


Hello there!

This is an important announcement if you are interested in reading new material that I post :)

I've decided to move to a new host. The main reason was because I've been trying to upload my YouTube videos to a new page on this blog, but it has not been working.

I have also divided my blog into 3 different blogs based on content. I found myself wanting to write, but felt overwhelmed because I had so many ideas, and didn't know which topic to write about. So instead, I'd write nothing.

If you are interested, the new "FanoflifeND" blog along with the other two blogs are listed below:

FanoflifeND - ( - posts regarding my thoughts alongside my training of becoming an ND

LocdND - ( - posts regarding my thoughts in continuing my natural hair journey

SeekingExistence - ( - posts regarding life in general, such as reflections and personal goals

*I also have a YouTube channel "fanoflifeND" where I post vlogs about being an ND student, along with loc updates*

Please enjoy, and thank you for reading/watching :)


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