Thursday, January 5, 2012

My 2012: Academic Goals

Well, well, well. It is my final semester, and I just need to complete 3 courses, then I'll be able to obtain my degree! I really messed up my first 2 years, but onwards I've learned so many things, and it truly could have turned out much worse.

Every semester I aim for a 4.0 GPA, and A's in every class, but then the semester progresses, and my dedication in comparison to other things is tested. So this time, I just hope to stick to a consistent study schedule so that I'm not regretfully cramming days before my exams, promising myself that the next time around I will not torture myself this way again.

Our academic department recommends studying 1.5 to 3 hours for every hour of class that one has. Of course the requirements for every individual varies based on course load, other commitments, along with the time of the term. One of the things I've learned about myself is, after 2 hours, I can't concentrate anymore. So, I have decided that every day, I will study for one 3-hour session, and one 2-hour session - with a 10 minute break after 50 minutes - spread out during the day, allowing me to work, volunteer, and socialize in between. On the weekends, I will do one 2-hour block so that I'm still in somewhat of a routine, but also get to enjoy my weekend and focus on other tasks.

What it comes down to is, everyone is different - we all have our different peak efficient times of the day (evenings for me, I LOVE staying up late!), and we all need to utilize different methods and respect the amount of time it takes to learn material, while also considering other courses and other responsibilities. Every situation is different. So, rather than compare myself to my amazing high school days, and to people who seem to be effortlessly brilliant, I will instead use my time in my own way.

Finally, a goal of mine this year is to get accepted to a naturopathic medical school. There are 2 in Canada, and 5 in the States. I put all of my eggs in one basket because I don't want to leave Toronto, it's my home. I submitted my application a few weeks ago and will continue to hope for the best, in addition to trying my best. That means whipping myself into shape, as something I struggle with at times is procrastination and bipolar willpower and self-control.

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