Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oh, So You're a Model Now?

     Wow, have you ever had one of those nights where you just can't sleep? I'm having one of those nights tonight, and it's been happening more often as I approach my first set of midterms in this program. I suppose it's the anticipation of not knowing exactly what to expect, mixed with the intent to want to do well and slight nervousness of still being behind. One thing I know for certain is that I'm not alone, so I find comfort in that :)

     Anyhow, since I won't become completely exhausted until about 4am (according to my track record), I've decided to write something as I've been wanting to for awhile!

Today's topic: modelling my lady parts!


     You know, I've always wanted to be a model. The confidence I associate with models is one of pure liberation and sense of self-awesomeness. However, upon realizing I don't have the body structure of interest and too many "natural" flaws to become a runway or poster model, I decided I'd rather be a role model. I must say, for those who have mentioned they look up to me, it's extremely rewarding. Yet, I'm still learning all the time!

     I first heard about being a gynecological model when I religiously read Erica Robinson's blog the year before I got accepted to CCNM (I'm still trying to find the exact post, when I do, I'll send the link). I actually started wondering if I could ever go through with it if I had the same opportunity.

     Low and behold, during the second week of classes several announcements were made around the school about being a gyne model. Open-mindedly I signed up, attended the interview, and got great news the following week - they wanted me to model for them!

     As a model, I'm a practical tool for training third-years to learn how to perform a PAP test on an actual patient. It's kind of funny to me because my parents still don't think I've ever had a single PAP test. And here I'm going to be going through the motions of the exam a few times every month.

     I was urged to go for it because I get very nervous when I know I have to get my PAP tests. Just the thought of the speculum going into a place I can't see makes my toes curl with nervousness. Yet, that nervousness can be a great experience for the students who will be performing the exam on me because they'll become better equipped with managing patients who get stressed about the procedure. It'll also help me because through continuous exposure to the exam, my comfort level will go up, and I'll gain a new for appreciation for the exam aside from its obvious importance as a screening tool.

     Lastly, as part of the training, I got to perform the procedure on one of my peers! I got to see a cervix for the first time ever - it was awesome! I also got to palpate my peer's uterus and ovaries! I never thought that I'd gain such a valuable experience so early on in my ND education, but it really opened my eyes to what's coming my way in the next few years!

   Well, have a merry night as I attempt, once again to get some sleep :)

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